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Welcome! Here you will find articles related to parenting. Curious about breastfeeding or cloth diapers? Here you will find everything baby and child related.

One mother's experience of life with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome


Views on Cork, Ireland and the world

West Cork Fit

Fiona O'Donnell MSc - Empowering Change

Pain Pals

My family & friends living with me.....and chronic illness


Spoonies need spoons, so let's fill them with glitter!

My Brain Lesion and Me

Once Upon a Dizzy Spell... A Story of a girl living with a neurological condition

Reflections Of A Bear

Just a bear thinking about life with chronic illness...

Savannah Rozema - Visual Artist

"Art is why I get up in the morning" ~Ani DiFranco

My life; my experiences and observations. The fun, the joys and occasional sadnesses I'm faced with. Oh, and a little bit of BS.

Happily Hostile

Failures in Adulting

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