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Friday Feelings with Ecofluffy Mama

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

It’s Friday and you know what that means? It’s our first Friday Feeling entry! I had this idea after my interview with A Southern Celiac, writing down my thoughts about certain aspects of my illness was therapeutic in a way. So I thought why not give other chronically ill people an opportunity to get things off their chests. Writing things down can help us work through our feelings and I hope that other chronic illness sufferers will comment in support or offer some advice for each of the entries we will have for the next few months. Why Friday? Because Friday is the beginning of the weekend. Some of us may be well enough to go out and socialise with friends but for so many of us that life of going out on a Friday night to a bar or a club is long gone. The weekend for normal people is an opportunity to let off some steam but for the chronically ill it means having more help at home and grieving for the lives they once had, looking at selfies of friends on their great night out on the tiles.

So, this week I spoke to Tamsin aka Ecofluffy Mama. Tamsin suffers from multiple chronic conditions including Pancreatic Agenisis. You can find Tamsin on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You might already know the EcoFluffy Mama but if not, let’s get to know her a little better before we begin:

Hello there, my name is Tamsin! My blog is a Green Living Blog and I mostly write about reusable/eco friendly products.

I live in the countryside (in the UK) with my Fiance and small boy. I’m 29 years old, but still a big kid a heart. In my spare time I enjoy going for walks with my family and watching Stargate SG1. I love to spend hours in books shops. My hobbies include photography, crochet and soap making.

As you’ve already guessed, I’m extremely passionate about ditching disposable items and a huge advocate for Reusable Menstrual Products. My aim is to spread the word and educate everyone on the importance of: Reusable Products and living a Green Lifestyle.

So now we know a little a bit about the Ecofluffy Mama, let’s have a look at her entry for our first ever Friday Feeling.


“Dear Diary,

It’s Friday night and I’m feeling really quite down. Many people look forward to Friday because it’s the end of the week. They get to switch off, go out for a few drinks and unwind with their friends. Not me, though. There’s nothing special about my my Friday night. Not unless you count the fact I am relieved my partner has finished work for the week, so I now have him home to help support me.

Right now I feel really down about how my health is. I guess I always expected things to improve after my sudden decline in 2014. I remember constantly getting back up after admissions, trying to work out again and be ‘normal’. But it just never happened and I feel really sad about that. I looked back at a post the other day where I said I wasn’t going to let my illnesses define or rule my life. And yet, they have. I feel so helpless and alone, even though my fiance and son are always there.

I’m trying to keep my chin up for what the future might bring. My Doctor is amazing and he’s helped me so much already. But I do worry that we’ll get to the stage where yet again, we meet a roadblock. I should be thankful really. He’s done so much for me in the past year than my other teams elsewhere did for me in two years.

I’ve noticed people treat me differently, and it’s gotten worse. At the start everyone was so kind and supportive to me. One of my close friends supported me so much, including looking after J when I was in hospital. Didn’t take long before she binned me, always making excuses for not seeing me. Am I really that much of a burden? Some have said to me that I shouldn’t feel bad, that those people were never my friends. But I am starting to wonder if that’s true, or if it’s because they find me too much work with accomodating my needs? Some people look at me and question the authenticity of being ill, because I look okay. Well, to a degree. Not sure how yellow eyes looks okay but clearly that doesn’t matter to them.

Friends on Facebook always used to message or comment when they saw I was in hospital. But, not anymore. It’s almost like they’re bored? Perhaps they only bothered at first because they wanted all of the ‘gossip’ on what was going on. It really does hurt my heart.

My illnesses have isolated me so much. I’d love to be out tonight, socialising with my friends. But instead I’m in bed taking my cocktail of pills before turning the lights out.”

A big thank you to Tamsin for being the first participant of Friday Feelings. Always lovely to connect with other like minded moms.

Have you any words of kindness or wisdom for Ecofluffy Mama? I’m sure most of us can relate to the issue with losing friends to our illnesses. Send her some love in the comments below ❤ You can also follow Tamsin on Pinterest and YouTube.

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